Neptune Transits, The Freedom to Deceive, Early Summer Astrology and the Hobby Lobby Case

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The Planet Waves All Access Pass is available for the next six months at half price.

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at most of the astrology between now and when Mercury stations direct on July 1 — Venus square Neptune, and Sun trine Neptune, in particular. I put this in the context of “the freedom to deceive,” a strange metaphysical property of existence on our planet. By the way — I don’t mention the Cancer New Moon; I had other things on my mind. I will cover that in a post on the Planet Waves daily site.

Then I look ahead at the astrology of July, up till Aug. 1. These events put us onto a whole new slice of the orange, which really starts to take effect with Mercury stationing direct next week, but also with the changing emphasis into Leo. This includes Jupiter ingressing Leo, the Sun ingressing Leo, and the New Moon conjunct Jupiter.

With four distinct voices clustered around a single microphone, Darlingside effortlessly draw audiences into their lush musical world. David Fricke of Rolling Stone describes them as “a quartet with a rich line in acoustic textures and chamber-rock dynamics.” The band’s sound, characterized by classical strings, tight vocal arrangements, bluegrass and rock instrumentation, and smart lyricism, is the product of complete collaboration among the four close friends. The group has no frontman; instead, lead vocals are traded from moment to moment, and each song features a new combination of instruments and textures, pulling heavily from folk, retro-pop, barbershop, and chamber music.
My musical guest is the Massachusetts-based string and vocal quartet Darlingside. From left to right, Don Mitchell, Auyon Mukharji, Harris Paseltiner and David Senft.

After a music break, in the second half of the program I look at the implications of the Hobby Lobby case that’s about to be decided by the Supreme Court, probably on Thursday.

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The article from The Daily Beast is called Waiting for the Supreme Court on the Hobby Lobby Decision.

My musical guest is Darlingside.

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  1. I’m a Libra sun, Virgo ascending and am always looking for both sides of an issue, but I can’t even see how this Hobby Lobby case made it this far. It doesn’t pass the “common sense” test, but then again, time and time again we’ve seen that idea thrown out with the trash. Disturbing!

    Thank you for the insightful analysis!

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