Taurus Birthday Audio Sample

The player below will play your Taurus birthday reading sample. Here is a link to the new Planet Waves FM covering Thursday’s eclipse in Taurus.

Hello Taurus! Your Taurus 2013 birthday reading is now ready and available. This is also excellent for Taurus rising and Taurus Moon.

As for the astrology: I cover Saturn in your opposite sign Scorpio, as well as the current eclipses, and what it means to have so many planets in your sign or rising sign at this time of year. What I really do is speak to you for an hour about your relationships, your quest for independence and what looks like some special motivation to grow and become.

It’s a beautiful reading, recorded with a warm, intimate feeling. You may listen as many times as you like, or download it into iTunes or another MP3 player.

The last segment is the tarot reading, done with the Voyager deck by James Wanless. The reading includes photos of the spread, the chart and access to last year’s reading if you want to check my accuracy. You can order your birthday reading here and we’ll email your access info to you. You can also order by phone by calling Chelsea at 877-453-8265 (toll-free from within the U.S.) or 386-445-5732.

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