Mega Edition: The Boss, the Full Moon and the Showdown

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight, I have a monster edition of Planet Waves FM for you. We can hang out the entire evening, or even for a few days!


I begin with an overview of the show, and coverage of the Full Moon in Aries — which is conjunct Chiron and Salacia; square Hebe, Niobe, Vesta and Saturn; and opposite Mercury, the Sun and monster galaxy M87. You could not ask for more!

In the second segment [beginning at 50 minutes], I study the politics and the astrology of the confrontation between Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, who is accused of sexual misconduct as a 17-year-old. I look behind the obvious and consider how this is single combat over the issue of Roe v. Wade, as Kavanaugh would be the deciding vote on that issue. But neither Democrats nor Republicans can state their true position.

In the third segment [beginning at about one hour and 30 minutes], I interview Peter von Stackelberg, co-author of The Gemstone File document collection, which I was involved with publishing last year (and many of you helped pay for with your generous donations).

This collection, accessible online, makes available to everyone documents from the files of Monsanto, Dow Chemical, General Electric, Westinghouse, the Navy, the Air Force and the EPA, many of which come from my collection.

In the fourth segment [beginning at about two hours and 20 minutes], I do a detailed reading of the chart of Bruce Springsteen (chart is below).

And in the last segment [beginning at about 3 hours and 10 minutes], I base Tantra Studio on the lyrics to “She’s The One,” the Springsteen classic from Born to Run. The theme is the complexity of power relationships between the sexes, and how we work them out.

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Thank you for participating and Happy Equinox!

With love,

PS — Here are some resources. My daily horoscope is back. I did an article on Clarence Clemons a few years ago. You can peruse The Gemstone File here, or read the article about the Howard Johnson’s transcript here. Oh yeah, one last: Mercury Weaving the Story of Nessus, my one article on codependency.



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