Mars Direct, Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Whitney Webb Interview. More tribute to Betty Dodson.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto, except that Pluto (if you could see it at all on this scale) is much closer to the size of that little tiny dot between them, which is one of Jupiter’s natural satellites.

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Tonight’s program — the last before the holiday — includes a discussion of Mars direct and Jupiter conjunct Pluto, what I learned about Covid this week, an interview with Whitney Webb (conducted by Joe Mercola) and a discussion with Cheryl Corson, who attended Betty Dodson’s last workshop.

The discussion with Whitney Webb begins at 1:47 after the break.
The discussion with Cheryl Corson begins at 3:10 after the break.

This is a long file. I will split it up in the morning, and add some additional resources.

Regarding mass psychogenic illness, here is your document — and a comment.

Whatever is going on – toxin, virus, bacteria, fungus, 5G, vax reaction, some combination thereof, or nothing at all – the relentless news and endless talk of sickness is inducing a psychogenic dimension to the situation. Fear itself is a form of dis-ease, and it has its effects.

This could affect many, many people and greatly expand the penumbra of this situation. Fear drives testing and hospital admissions with “typical” symptoms that may have no other cause than psychogenic: thoughts and feelings that affect the body. Read the document to see how far this can go. It is in a sense the miasmic genus epidemicus (not in the pure homeopathic sense but in the astral sense).

To me the one factor that must be accounted for is the timing of any mass movement toward the hospital or reported symptoms in the collective. We are told this is 100% about a virus — that is the timing as well as the ‘cause’. They are ascribing a cause (the virus they don’t have isolated) to account for the timing. This is important to understand: the purported what is also the explanation for when.

I think this is the most pressing question: anything that happens around the same time and around the same place. Whatever facts must account for minimal outbreak in Ulster and maximal in New York City.

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