Introduction to Pacifism. Aries FULL Moon. AE911 Truth Comments on Judy Wood’s Theory.

Pacifist message at a demonstration and openair concert to support the people of Ukraine in Riga, Latvia. Feb 25, 2022. Credit: Deposit Photos.
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Here is the full program at standard bandwidth. Alicia McBride starts at about 1:31 after the song break. Roland Angle starts at about 2:30 after the song break. Both interviews are on their own players, below.

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Here is the stand-alone interview with Alicia McBride

Stand-alone interview with Roland Angle of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is below. We go over the developments of the past year, and I ask him about AE911’s position on Dr. Judith Wood, who is making the case for directed energy weapons being involved in the demolition of the World Trade Center complex. The prevailing theory is that it was conventional controlled demolition.

Tonight’s Program – Full Moon chart below

Humans are a warfaring species. We tend to think that combat is a way of life and a normal state of affairs between countries and often among one another. We also tend to accept our societies becoming militarized, as if there is no alternative. The usual logic of these conversations is that each bomb justifies the next.

On tonight’s Planet Waves FM (which usually posts well ahead of its 10 pm scheduled time) I’ll be introducing the concept of opposing war generally, as contrasted with the usual debate over whether a particular war or military action is justified.

I’ll be interviewing Alicia McBride of the Friends Committee on National Legislation. This is a branch of the Quaker faith (of which I am a member). Our primary religious principle is the opposition to war in all forms.

I’ll also feature an interview with Roland Angle of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. We are a little late for the 9/11 anniversary, but not for our discussion of what has happened the past year. At the end of the interview, I ask Roland about the work of Dr. Judy Wood, which you can read about in the comment section of this Substack post from one month ago.

And I’ll have a reading of the Aries Full Moon and discuss Mars retrograde — both of which touch on military themes (Mars, also called Ares, is the Roman god of war.)

Aries Full Moon on Oct. 9, 2022. The chart is set for Kingston, NY, the location of the astrologer.
Brent Mydland of the Grateful Dead.
Natal chart for Brent Mydland.


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  1. Jeff Strahl by email:

    Hi Eric and all,

    Just listened to your interview of Roland Angle of AE911 Truth, included in tonight’s program. Excellent interview, he made a bunch of salient points. A few remarks.

    The story of Barry Jennings and Michael Hess, who were inside WTC7 and eye witnessed explosions which they were trapped by, is mind blowing, check this out, The 9/11 Interview with Michael Hess: Evidence that NIST Lied about When He and Barry Jennings Were Rescued, David Ray Griffin, 9/18/08.

    Michael Hess was the New York City’s corporation counsel, and Barry Jennings was, the deputy director of the Emergency Services Department of the New York City Housing Authority, LOTS of details. Jennings died under mysterious circumstances days before the 8/21/08 release of the final version of the NIST report on WTC7. On the following November 1, NIST issued an addendum, admitting what was vigorously denied in the report, that the building fell at free fall acceleration for a few seconds at the start of the event, something which the report termed would be a violation of the laws of physics. There was no explanation for this in the Addendum, which in fact referred to the section of the Report which asserted such an acceleration would be a violation of the laws of physics.

    Griffin was to write a book about WTC7 which came out in 2009, in my humble opinion the best of the many books about the subject which he authored. This article, which bears the book’s title, is a synopsis of it,
    9/11 Truth: The Mysterious Collapse of WTC Seven, David Ray Griffin, 9/14/09 (re-posted 9/5/21)

    Regarding the Pentagon. As someone who has researched the topic thoroughly, and has done public presentations about it, i would now argue that the flying object which hit it was a diversion, like the planes which hit the Twin Towers. The main damage and the vast majority of the casualties occurred well away from the path of whatever that flying object was. And eyewitness accounts and stopped clocks indicate the explosions which were most likely the cause of the damage and casualties took place 4 minutes before the official impact time of the flying object.
    The Pentagon Attack in Context: a Reply to John Wyndham, Tod Fletcher and Timothy Eastman, Journal of 9/11 Studies, November 2012 edition.

    Regarding Judy Wood. I was sort of friends with her from June 2006 to January 2008. She started out pretty OK but became increasingly obsessive and chaotic, to some extent because she faced a lot of personal attacks (often sexist in nature) and was not a stable person to begin with, spent a year of her life (in ’82) in a coma after a hit-and-run accident when she was riding her bike in the Nevada desert (she was a competitive athlete in that sport). She took to calling me at late hours and keeping me up till past midnight (3AM her time, in South Carolina). I pointed out numerous problems with her directed energy weapon theory, including the photos of large amounts of structural steel columns remains at the WTC site, though she insisted all the structural steel had been vaporized. Also the ample evidence (including photos) of horizontal ejections of large steel beams, ejections which would require large horizontal forces, not accountable for by energy weapons. And also the evidence of high temps (not accountable for with directed energy weapons, she maintained they function at normal air temp) via the massive presence of iron spheres in the WTC dust, and the presence of molten steel and iron under the WTC site for weeks. She insisted all this evidence was “fake.” Her objective increasingly seemed to be to take down David Ray Griffin and all the people around AE911 Truth, more so than to get the story out. After she berated me for spending time looking after my dying mom instead of helping her do the research, i broke off contact.

    And you mentioned weather control. Did you mean weather “modification”? Control would require knowing ALL the parameters and their way of interacting, and turning an indeterminate global system into a determinate one.



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