Planet Waves FM is the premier astrology-public affairs internet radio program. I am its host — Eric Francis, the founder of Planet Waves and author of the Planet Waves horoscope. In addition to being an accomplished astrologer, I have served for many years as an investigative reporter in the environmental, political and scientific fields. Our webcasts are all free from commercial interruption, sponsored by our website members, customers and clients.

Planet Waves FM Studio.
Planet Waves FM Studio.

OUr editorial independence allows us to take on the most challenging issues of our times, ranging from the most personal to the most public, from the deeply individual to the collective, and explore the space where they meet. Each program looks at both the astrology and the news of the moment, covering the issues in a reflective, laid-back broadcasting style.

I consider developments in the world and how they impact us individually. I read the charts of newsmakers, explore historic charts and consider controversial issues in a nonthreatening way, always closing the circle on personal involvement and influence.

Each program also features a musical guest, often an underplayed new talent, and occasionally a better-known artist.

New Planet Waves FM programs post at about 6 pm EDT each Tuesday evening throughout the year. There are also special live editions for our Core Community members, which are announced both on the website and by email. If you are a listener to Planet Waves FM, I strongly suggest you sign up for a no-cost Introductory Membership and consider treating yourself to a Core Community Membership.

Started in 2010, Planet Waves FM is the latest in a a series of astrology-broadcasting experiments dating back to 1996. I began my career on WDST-FM, Radio Woodstock, hosting a Sunday night call-in program called Radio Navigator at 11 pm. As time went on, the technology to do a full-on internet radio program became more available, and we have built Planet Waves FM into a full production facility that produces studio-quality broadcasts.

— Eric Francis
Kingston, NY

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