The precautionary principle, informed consent and some deep background on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Tantra: Is it true that all men want is sex? 

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Tonight’s Program: Scientific Ethics

Tonight’s program covers scientific ethics from several angles. I will look at the issue of the precautionary principle. What do you do when working with limited information? Who gets the benefit of the doubt? I will discuss the idea of informed consent.

I have coverage of this week’s FDA approval of a Covid “vaccine” that we understand is not actually available in the United States. Was this even legal?

I have an interview with Peter von Stackelberg, an investigative reporter who worked for a small daily newspaper in Saskatchewan in the 1970s when he discovered a vast regulatory failure involving pesticides, the FDA and the EPA. This became known as the IBT Labs scandal. You can listen to that in advance using the embedded player on this page.

On Tantra Studio, I consider the question of whether all men want is sex. Or do they want something more from relationships? That is also available early.

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