We Are All Ukrainian

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Young Ukranians heading west out of Ukraine and into Poland early Friday morning. Photo by Cate Ryzhenko for Planet Waves FM.

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Michael Lutin Interview as Stand-Alone

Dear Friend and Listener:

Thank you to those whose heartfelt donations make this program possible, large or small. The reason I can show up every Friday and tell you what I’ve learned is because you are my only sponsor.

Tonight on Planet Waves FM (usually posts by 10 pm ET), I will open with the place where the devastation in Ukraine meets the People’s Convoy in the United States. The reason I believe we are so upset about what is happening in Ukraine is we could be next, and not only that, we have all just experienced a bombing and land mine campaign most of us didn’t know was happening.

Michael Lutin.

We will have latest update from our friend and video editor Cate Ryzhenko, who is currently making her way across Ukraine toward Poland.

We will hear from the World Health Organization and the Board of Education of Orange County, California on the matter of the “vaccine” killing children, in particular, young athletes.

I’ll discuss the recent sketch on Saturday Night Live making fun of how it’s nearly impossible to tell the truth at the dinner table, out of fear that you might lose all your friends.

And I’ll be reading from a brilliant article by Michael Bryant, my colleague on the Columbia County No Mandates discussion list.

My guest is the distinguished American astrologer Michael Lutin. He is one of the rare few American astrologers who has mastered the art of the horoscope column as a lifelong endeavor, but we will have more to talk about than that. Tune in and you will get to hear two gritty New York astrologers talk shop and not take any bullshit.

My plan for Tantra Studio is to read two of my favorite Book of Blue stories, celebrating my upcoming 58th birthday. The stories are Her Scorpio Milk and A Page from the Women’s Book of Secrets. Music is by honorary Pisces band Phish.

The program runs about four hours these days. I don’t intend for you to sit and take notes. Planet Waves FM is designed for people driving long distances, working in the garden, cleaning the house or making pottery. You can listen in segments.

Thanks for tuning in. With love,

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