Virgo New Moon: Applied Science. What is Belief? Alan Watts on the Nature of Reality. Virgo Micky Hart on Healing with Rhythm. Tantra Studio on jealousy and compersion.

Bill Kreutzman with Micky Hart playing in the Grateful Dead. Photo by Jay Blakesberg. I wonder how he got this shot. It is possible he had stage access. However it is probably a side-stage view shot with a very fast lens at high ISO and excellent handling of the camera; possibly on a tripod. However, there is quite a bit of depth of field and that argues against the shutter being open at 1.4 or 1.2 or the use of a very long lens. It really looks like a 50mm lens therefore he would have had to be right there. This is not a lucky shot. It is pure talent, experience, charging the battery and OK, a little luck.

Full bandwidth stereo

Reduced bandwidth mono

Tantra Studio as stand-alone file

Tonight mostly I’m going to entertain you with the philosophy of belief and awareness, with some help from my old friend Alan Watts. I’ll have music and an interview with Grateful Dead percussionist and drummer Micky Hart – the band’s only person born on the East Coast, and the only Virgo. No wait! Ron McKernan (1945-1973) — the fantastic Pigpen — was also a Virgo.

Tantra Studio will focus on the nature of jealousy, with a discussion of polyamory and monogamy.

Thank you for tuning in — and for passing the program forward. Here is the letter we sent out promoting tonight’s show.

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