Eric Francis and Diva Carla: The Vesta New Moon

My working chart of the Leo New Moon showing a number of extra asteroids.
My working chart of the Leo New Moon showing a number of extra asteroids.

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In this unusually bold conversation, Eric Francis and Diva Carla talk about the implications of the Leo New Moon conjunct Vesta. We cover the theme of Vesta as the sexual healer and the keeper of the sacred inner flame, consider the deeper implications of masturbation, and look closely at the New Moon’s square to asteroid Psyche in Scorpio.

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Photograph of Vesta by the Dawn spacecraft.
Photograph of Vesta by the Dawn spacecraft.


  1. I met a man from the burner community at a festival called Beltania that happens in Colorado Springs every Beltaine in 2012 that said the burner community had decided to bring their ideals into ‘local burns’, as he called them. Found it interesting as I have noticed the ideals coming out in communities of people who have never been! I have not but I have met ‘burners’ and you can just get that ‘vibe’ from them. Cheers on a wonderful podcast, yet again!

  2. Thank you so much, Eric and Diva Carla, for this wise, wonderful, sane podcast/interview that I’ve only just managed to listen to having just got back from my annual, week long meditation retreat. As you said, Diva Carla “Holy shit, that’s my life right now!” (or something similar..).

    Think I’m finally coming into my sexuality. It was a very uncomfortable retreat, and I didn’t realise why till this morning, after getting back late last night. There we all were, once again, following the teachings of this wonderful Buddhist monk, looking to him as an example of wisdom and sanity, from a guy who has probably never had sex in his life, and who certainly has big big problems around sexuality and women, which deep down I always knew, but had never looked at till now.

    You have to take precepts during these retreats, and one of them is to abstain from any form of sexual activity. But deep intensive meditation practice arouses the most incredible sexual energy, and for the first time ever on this retreat, there was a really sexy and completely uninhibited guy there who was ready and willing to run off to the forest with me!

    I resisted having any Lady Chatterly type forest encounters wth him, but I had the time of my life flirting with him. And all the time I felt guily about it and worried about getting ‘found out’, and I also knew that if I had had sex with him I probably wouldn’t have been allowed back again. It brought up some very basic childhood feelings of guilt and shame. And as I looked round me at my fellow yogis, I saw how sexually repressed so many of them are, particulatly the men.

    It made me think about children and how their wonderful, spontaneous energy is constantly repressed and controlled by adults, and I think this s because the current astrology has been putting me in touch with that part of my self that was so repressed as a child, as well as the unheatlhy sexual stuff going on in my household. Meeting this guy, who’s quite basic and childlike, has been a healing and life affirming experience, and it was such a joy to listen to your programme hot on the heels of this.

    Sorry for the rather long and rambling comment – but my mind is still quite woolly after days of meditation! Thank you both, once again.

  3. Dear Lizzy,
    I just saw your comment as I didn’t know how to access them before. Thank you for sharing both your story, and the impact this conversation had for you. I am glad. I was thinking along these lines just this morning: “It made me think about children and how their wonderful, spontaneous energy is constantly repressed and controlled by adults,”. I was thinking about how the pleasure of our own bodies is with us certainly from birth. It is the gift of our lives we don’t need adult permission or help to access. Except that this freedom and agency has been conditioned out of us. I see sexual freedom in adults as being a return to innocence, how we were before we learned that pleasure in our bodies is bad. The tragedy is so many of us can’t remember that time. Break the Rules, Lizzy! :o)

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