The President tests positive. Is it True?

The Venerated St. Donald

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Something interesting happened today: the president tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. This has thrown the already chaotic presidential campaign, along with the news media, social media and the political scene, into a far crazier mess than usual. It’s going to be an exciting few days.

And I will have an exciting edition of Planet Waves FM about this tonight, if I can stand it, the season finale (meaning I’m planning a week off but that might not work out).

Anyway, astrology works well in a combination of written and oral analysis, so this letter contains the 4-1-1 on the chart in the form of a special edition. I’m also planning a YouTube video to round things out.

The chart is stunning — so much so that you can be very happy it’s not about you.

But this chart is about us. The reason the United States is having such persistent difficulty with the Covid situation involves its Pluto return, which is working up to full bore. We have not seen the worst of this yet, and we can expect things to go in one extreme direction after the next. We are watching all of American karma blow up in our faces.

[I will be covering this on tonight’s program, which should update by about 10 pm ET on the program’s area on the new website.]

The President Tweets the Blues

As with many things in the past five years — yes, it’s been that long — we got the news by way of Twitter, from the president’s feed. Just hours after the Full Moon, he sent out the word that he and @FLOTUS (his wife) had tested positive. Following the virus theory, the “incident case” is thought to be Hope Hicks, the president’s brain, who both tested positive and was symptomatic, and who had spent a lot of time with him.

The chart is set for the time of Trump’s tweet — the first revelation of this situation. The chart is Cancer rising; the Moon rules the ascendant. The Moon will point to the issue. We find the Moon in the 10th house — that of the presidency. You don’t just read a chart like this; it has to pass a basic test of applicability first. And this chart passes several times over.

Here’s the full chart for Trump’s tweet about having Covid. I’ve simplified the chart below. In this chart, you can see all the main features. Note the Moon at the very top of the chart, just a few hours after exact full phase. Note the Sun (often a significator for the president) tucked into the 4th house — home angle, in this chart, the White House residence. Perhaps the most amazing feature is Mars retrograde conjunct Eris, both with the number 24 next to them.

We find the Moon house hours past full phase and as the most elevated classical point. Notice that Chiron is right there, just behind the Moon, also in Aries.

That describes the “health issue” that in all ways is lurking behind the presidency. Chiron can also describe a crisis. That little zone just behind the 10th house can describe a hidden situation — health or otherwise.

First, A Note on Problems with the Tests

However, despite the poker face on both government officials and news readers, there are numerous medical and scientific problems with both types of tests (viral fragment test and antibodies), which are a little like playing the lottery.

However, the president is being said to now show “mild symptoms,” and he is in the age class and the comorbidity class that make him vulnerable to whatever has been going around.

I would remind you that we still do not know. From a strictly scientific standpoint, the virus has not been purified. The official rules of virology’s scientific method have not been applied and do not apply to this situation. I know it’s all being made to sound extremely concrete on CNN and MSNBC and Fox and all that. But there are vast holes in the story, there are political agendas afoot, and nothing can be taken for granted: NOTHING.

Whatever it might mean from a medical or scientific standpoint, the idea that Trump “tested positive” is itself a big revelation, coming as it does five weeks from the election, amidst much else that is amiss. Most people are hooked into the chaos generator of cable news and their social media feeds. Most people are walking around with the feeling of not knowing what is true.

Let’s use the anti-chaos method known as astrology and see if we can make sense of this story. This article will be more technical than usual. I’ll explain things differently in video and audio later. See if you can follow along.

The Moon is on a Wild Ride, and So Are We

Ruling the ascendant and showing up in the 10th house, the Moon is the significator for Trump. And the Moon, now in Aries, is about to go through that rough patch where it will make squares to the Capricorn alignment (Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, all today).

First: Moon exactly square Pallas (the goddess of politics) describes the political nature of this matter. Yes, he is a politician running for office. But Moon square Pallas — applying, exactly — says this 1) is political and 2) has political implications.

Additionally, this is happening during the exact Mars-Eris conjunction — to the degree, right at the top of the chart — you can see it next to the two “24s” — and so the ensuing chaos is described by this aspect. In essence, this throws the White House, the administration, Trump and his campaign into what may be a permanent state of turmoil.


This chart shows the planets the are actually in play. They are in play because 1) they are angular and 2) the Moon is making aspects to them. The way to read this is to follow the numbers. The Moon moves the fastest, and the rest are slow-movers. So it’s about to make a square to Pallas (diamond in blue), and then it will pass through the Aries-Capricorn cluster I’ve written about many times. The Moon’s passage through Aries ends with a conjunction to retrograde Mars conjunct Eris, and the Moon square Saturn. There is the image of total chaos, yet somehow kept in check and brought to a halt by the square to Saturn. This chart builds to a very strange grand finale, and then the curtain drops.

That is graded on a curve: we have been living in a gaslit crazymaking circus for five years with the political scene dominated by Trump. Some are filling in the scenario with the theory that Trump is “dismantling the deep state” and “on the side of the people.” I am familiar with this analysis, and I cannot get it to work out; it does not add up.

Saturn is on the 7th House

Note also that Saturn is sitting on the 7th cusp (setting) at the time of the announcement. That has the feeling of “full stop.” In fact, Saturn on the 7th or in the 7th is sometimes read as a “stricture against judgment” — a caution not to read the chart.

To understand the course that this will run using the chart, we follow the Moon’s aspects to the last one it makes while in the current sign, Aries. After the Moon makes that last aspect and changes signs, it’s a whole other reality, so in this kind of astrology we focus on the Moon’s movement in the current sign.

The Moon’s aspects while in Aries are as follows: Moon square Pallas (the political nature of the thing); Moon square Jupiter (grand exaggeration, emotional response), Moon square Pluto (not so friendly; some new challenge, and rapid deterioration of situation) Moon conjunct Mars retrograde and Eris (something spins out of control) and finally, Moon square Saturn (full stop, particularly as the last aspect — were this about you, you wouldn’t want that as an outcome).

While Trump is a master of spin, I mean he is really one of the best ever, it’s going to be difficult for him to keep a grip on this, and there is a lot here that is out of his control. The situation rises to a couple of peaks and then finally there is this feeling of “done deal.” By any analysis whatsoever, today’s development turns a volatile election scenario, and an overall national scenario, into something that is bound to go over the top.

False Flag or Assassination Attempt?

There has been speculation that Trump sent out the tweet as a hoax, and also that this is some kind of assassination attempt. There is no indication in the chart that the tweet was a hoax. However, we cannot rule out any other possibility. There is strange stuff going on behind the scenes. The “Intelligence Community” is a lot bigger and a lot smarter than any president, and Trump has made them his enemy.

A lot of people want to get rid of Trump. If you think he has been driving us to the edge of our wits, imagine what is going on inside government organizations where he has been wreaking havoc or stirring the pot (depending on your point of view).

I do not see this ending well for him, and though I am not personally a fan, I take no joy in saying that. What the country needs now is stability. The American governance structure has been coming totally unraveled, and like Humpty Dumpty, there is no way to put it back together. The citizens have become increasingly divided to the point of a psychic civil war, civil unrest, and cries of treason from all sides.

That is not helpful to anyone. We are in an extremely delicate state right now: the United States and also the world. However, at the moment, the U.S. is both the epicenter and the symbol of the crisis. It is We The People for whom this country exists, and it is We The People who must learn how to take it back and govern it competently.

I will have more to say on tonight’s Planet Waves FM. If I can manage to get a video done, I will include that at the top of the FM feed, and also send a special mailing later.

Thanks for tuning in. Please send your thoughts about this situation if you have any.

With love,
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