The Nature of the Beast

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Do you have a feeling that something strange is lurking behind all the mudslinging in the presidential election? I thought so.

Artist, Scorpio and proto-human Bjork.

In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, I peel back the layers of what that might be. In Scorpio fashion, I look for what’s hidden and concealed; what the candidates or the commentators are not talking about.

We also visit the protest at Standing Rock, about the Dakota Access Pipeline, with some help from Democracy Now! I explain the purpose of protests, as explained to me by Michael Frisch, one of my American Studies professors at SUNY Buffalo.

To go with this program, I’ve selected the one and only Bjork, who has her Sun, Moon and rising sign in Scorpio. View her chart here.

I reference the first-ever publication by WikiLeaks, video of an incident that took place in Iraq in 2007. [You may view the video here.]

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With love,

Charts for triple Scorpio Bjork. Click image for larger version.

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