The Moment of Astrology: Geoffrey Cornelius Interview

Geoffrey Cornelius
Geoffrey Cornelius

In this special edition of Planet Waves FM, I’m presenting a conversation with Geoffrey Cornelius, author of The Moment of Astrology. I think this may be the best book about astrology ever written, because it takes into account how the mind and astrology work together to present a cohesive picture of the universe.

Obviously, without the astrologer, there is no astrology, and Geoffrey takes that idea to its logical conclusion: astrology gets all its meaning from the astrologer, and its cohesive picture of reality from the astrologer, who is the one perceiving the charts.

Geoffrey will be presenting a workshop in New York City the weekend of March 28-30, and then a retreat in upstate New York the following week. The event is co-sponsored by Nightlight Astrology and Planet Waves.

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  1. Finally found the time to sit down and listen…..fascinating!

    It is…in many ways….the musical metaphor that works best for me!

    It is speculative…until it becomes realised! The idea that the symbols become manifest in the lyricism of the poetry of the players. The emotion generated by the experience is a journey, a process, and definitely not a finite state of being. Saturn trine Mercury is an acknowledgement that there is a process to be undertaken. Emblematic indeed!

    The good and the bad do become obsolete eventually, and as the music closes in psychcically, it is a simple way of being! Isness! A value judgement free zone!

    Also very much like the idea of a personal relationship with each of the many newly discovered symbols. To know Eris is to see Juno coming etc…!

    I dont know whether either you or Geoffrey would agree, but from a Jungian point of view, I think we are moving towards a time when the mind is becoming an obsolete and almost obstructive concept.

    It was of all people Ruby Wax who wrote that one is born with a brain, but experience gives us a mind!

    Perspective derives from perception and digestion. There is a new word for the processor. Somewhere between Intelligence and Intel!

    Thankyou Eric! Thankyou Geoffrey!


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