The Great Wave: Cancer Full Moon Opposite Pholus

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We’re approaching a turning point in the year and maybe in contemporary history, about to experience a Full Moon on the Northern winter solstice with the minor planet Pholus involved. I describe that in tonight’s subscriber edition as well as in tonight’s Planet Waves FM.

When a new or newish minor planet is involved in this kind of one-degree event, we get what I call a proving moment, where we see what this influence is made out of: what it does when the energy is turned up.

Andrew McLuhan.
Andrew McLuhan.

The solstice is Friday and the Full Moon is Monday, so the energy will build rapidly this week.

There are two other features to the program — my summary of where we’re at in the Mueller investigation, and the Johnson & Johnson coverup of asbestos in its baby powder (read the Reuters investigative report here).

For the last hour, I bring Andrew McLuhan onto the program, and we discuss the Trump phenomenon from the standpoint of media analysis. Is Trump a product of television or the internet? He seemed to rise to power on the net (his endless tweets, various Russian Facebook campaigns, there being no such thing as logic, and so on), but now that he’s actually in the presidency, internet consciousness is unraveling him.

Everything is documented. There is no privacy. Everything and everyone is subject to scrutiny. These are the kinds of things we discuss. Andrew mentions his new organization, the McLuhan Institute. Here is the Patreon page.

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