The Dewitt Hobgoblin: A Happy Ghost Story. Mars Retrograde and the Eclipses. New York Supreme Court Strikes Down Vax Mandate, Reinstates City Workers.

Dinner for a hobgoblin in the steeple of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY, in the room where he was banished following an exorcism in around 1852. My offerings included a jar of peach schnapps, a jar of tobacco, a squash, an apple, a big biscuit, some fresh honeycomb, paper and a pencil, and a handmade candle. The smoke is frankinsense. The bell is a space-clearing bell, and the old jar to the right seems to be some previous offering, potentially a century old (if I go up again, I will document the jar; I did not touch it — I moved it out of the way with a piece of wood). The equipment is for the old church bell system; that has been replaced by a digital system with recorded bell sounds. Photo by Eric Francis. View larger.

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Interview with Gage and Justin Dewitt, Sept. 30, 2022 | Alt Player
Preparing reading of the Breaking Ground chart | Alt Player
The reading and the journey up the steeple | Alt Player

Chart for Breaking Ground in the Dewitt Family Plot

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Marker for the location where the key was buried — the Hobgoblin Stone. This is the Dewitt family plot in the graveyard of the Old Dutch Church in Kingston, New York. The marker is turned perpendicular to the rest of the graves. Photo by Eric Francis. View larger.

There is such a thing as a hobgoblin. (They are said to look like a gargoyle, a little hobbit with wings, or a small elf. Some are friendly; some are mischievous; some are dangerous.) They are in Dutch tradition household-type entities that will do chores for you if you leave them some food.

There was one said to have been brought on the Half Moon with Henry Hudson. As part of an exorcism, it was confined to the steeple of the Old Dutch Church, church near the courthouse and the Post Office, in around 1850. The room was locked and the key buried in a grave in the churchyard in the Dewitt family plot.

Dewitt descendants were doing genetic research (involving digging up their ancestors) and uneaerthed the key for the first time. They had no idea it was there or what it meant.

Archeological dig of the Dewitt family plot in the cemetery of the Old Dutch Church in Kingston, NY, July 2022. Archeologists dug out six wkeletons from the grave, which will be reinterred in about two years. They are now in custody of the Archeology Department at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Photo by Eric Francis. View larger.

That night, the Full Moon and the first night after the archeological dig began, a tornado went from the original farm of the ancestor being dug up, up Lucas Turnpike and ended at the steeple right by the Dewitt family plot (according the National Weather Service report of the incident). This was the first recorded tornado in Kingston. It was an EF1 with 95 mph winds.

The next day, the wind blew down a letter set used for a signboard when artifacts from the dig were being photographed. The letters landed on the ground and spelled out approximately – not exactly but close –


I’ll have a photo of that soon. It’s hilarious.

We went up tonight with family members; my role was spirit world walker (I was the only person with any ritual experience) and we left food for the hobgoblin in the place where he was formerly confined — for at least 170 years.

This was not quite at the top of the steeple but pretty close. My offerings included a jar of peach schnapps, a jar of tobacco, a squash, an apple, a big biscuit, some fresh honey, paper and a pencil, and a handmade candle.

We burned frankincense and sage and explained what we were doing there. Hobgoblin was happy 🙂

Map of the Stockade in Kingston, NY.

The Kingston, New York Stockade District (formerly called Wiltwych)

For context, this is the original stockade or fort built by the Dutch. You can see the fort walls around the outer edge. It is where New York State government was founded. The whole box is 800’ x 800’.

I am sitting right where the M in “my” is. So the desk I am sitting at looks out at the corner of John and Wall, right in the middle of the thing! (Other publishing offices you have read about in past articles are or were slightly to the north of me on Wall. This is a very small and self-contained place.

The church, its steeple and cemetery are less than a block south. The Ulster County courthouse and DA’s office are across the street, to the west of the church.

My former studios were on the north side of North Front, top left of the map. Dominick’s Cafe (located where the Governor Clinton’s house used to be) is on the southwest corner of North Front and Wall.

The block east of me (bounded by East Front or what is now Clinton Ave) is now a tiny little state park for the Senate House, where the NYS Senate met for the first time in 1777. In case you are interested, Gerald Celente lives and broadcasts from a building on the north side of John Street between Crown and Wall — 64 paces from my door.

As part of the ritual in the steeple last night, I pushed down the fortress walls (which no longer exist physically) and asked that the the defensive, combative energy (leftover in district as a result of the former stockade) be dispelled.


Here the first episode of the “reality show.”

Map of the contemporary Stockade District; the old stockade was a fortress along North Front, Clinton (formerly East Front), Green and Main streets. View larger map.

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