Photo of Vera Vinot by Eric Francis – Book of Blue, New York.

Jan. 17 edition of Tantra Studio :: Conversation about Sexual Healing with Elizabeth Shepherd

Dec. 10 edition of Tantra Studio :: Yes and No Part II

Dec. 3 edition of Tantra Studio :: Yes and No Part I

Nov. 26 edition :: A Course in Miracles, Tantra and Vesta

Nov. 5 edition of Tantra Studio :: featuring my responses to Kelly Brogan

Oct. 10 Edition of Tantra Studio


  1. […] In tonight’s edition, I begin with the Venus-Pluto conjunction, and quickly to go Australia, where I play a recording by the elder Lurnpa (see new presentation here). In part 2 of the program, I discuss issues related to the VAERS database, as well as two matters connected to Pfizer. The source material for those stories is below (see video links below the player). Tantra Studio is part 2 of Yes and No. Tantra is also available on its own program page with recent past shows from 2021. […]

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