Scorpio New Moon, an Erotic Theory of Jealousy, and IBT 101

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Here is my interview on Caravan to Midnight, which airs for John Wells subscribers Tuesday at 11 pm EST. Thank you Mr. Wells for having me as your guest and introducing me to a wide world.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Before we get to tonight’s program, first a few points of housekeeping. I am soliciting input in the 2016 annual edition, called Vision Quest. Here’s how we’re doing that — and there’s a reward for clicking through.

Vision Quest.

If you’re a fire sign, please use this link to comment. If you’re an earth sign, use this link to comment. If you’re an air sign, use this link to comment, and if you’re a water sign, use this link to comment.

If you click through, you’ll see that we’ve opened up access to the 2015 annual, called Cosmophilia. This includes the written and audio elements of the reading. We’ll have the initial purchase offer for Vision Quest in your inbox Thursday evening — please check for it.

We begin with the lowest price, and then gradually increase the price as publication approaches. The reading is usually ready around the first week of January.

As for tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM — I begin with a reading of the Scorpio New Moon chart. That event is Wednesday at 12:47 pm. In the second segment, I go over my erotic theory of jealousy, which, in a word, is compersion. I reference an article called Jealousy and the Abyss, which represents the ‘other’ theory of jealousy — the not-so-erotic theory. This segment provides some excellent information on the root causes of jealousy, how to think about it and what you can do about it — that is, how to take jealousy as a teacher and spiritual tool.

Finally, in the third segment, my guest is Carol van Strum, author of A Bitter Fog, who will talk about the infamous Industrial Bio-Test Labs scandal of the 1970s and early 1980s. This was one of the most impressive disasters in scientific history, involving a testing lab that generated fraudulent test results for companies such as Monsanto.

My musical guest is Black Horse Riders, a local ensemble based here in the Hudson Valley. Their spacious, haunting music is perfect for this Scorpio time of year.

Tim Curtis Verdosa and Roland Hasbrouck of Black Horse Riders, today’s musical guest on Planet Waves FM.

Speaking of Scorpios — your birthday reading will be ready Saturday. You can still get the pre-order price — a very affordable way to get excellent, real, reassuring astrology. I just received this comment from a Libra reading customer a few minutes ago:

“I have been listening to your Libra reading in 2015. I am in love with it and listen to it to calm myself down. My self identity and values are being reshaped and it’s quite uncomfortable and unsettling and scary.”

These readings are indeed intended to provide both spiritual insight and a place to feel better about yourself. And you’ll get some very helpful information about the past two years of your life — and your astrology going forward into 2016.

Thanks for taking advantage of this — I am sure you will find it both helpful and reassuring.

With love,

PS — I will be on the Caravan to Midnight program tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 10. I know that relatively few of you are subscribers to John Wells’ website, so John has authorized me to publish the audio on Planet Waves FM. The discussion is about Monsanto, its history and GMO foods.

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What’s your vision?


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