Scorpio Eclipse Live Call-In Edition of Planet Waves FM

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This is a replay of Wednesday night’s live edition of Planet Waves FM, which focused on the solar eclipse in Scorpio, Mercury stationing direct, and a diversity of themes and subjects that our many callers brought to the conversation. We talk about the progressed horoscope, what it is and how to use it; horary astrology; and why you want to ask your clients a few questions before you try to read the chart. There are no musical breaks, just a lot of dialog between me and our subscribers.

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It is into this hot mess that we are called upon to show up for an election and cast a ballot. We are called upon to take politics seriously enough to take time out of work, errands, taking care of the kids, Facebook or whatever, and fill in the little circle. We are called upon to have some integrity and participate in a way that is integral to civic life. We are called upon to do what people have been shot at for demanding the right to do.

We must, by some miracle, pretend that all of this insanity does not exist, and make some rational choices about who will be better. It’s not easy, because nearly everything that happens in politics is an invitation to ignore politics, to tune it out, to get distracted or to do something seemingly more important or more pleasant.

— From tonight’s edition of Planet Waves by Eric Francis, published with the extended monthly horoscope for all 12 signs.

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