Planet Waves FM: Libra Equinox, Shambhala Wisdom and a Visit to the NYC Underground

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I read the equinox chart, and harken the end of Jupiter square Neptune and the beginning of Saturn conjunct Pluto.

We check in with Chogyam Trungpa, with a reading from The Sacred Path of the Warrior infused with a little A Course in Miracles. And in Tantra Studio, we visit an underground New York club and size up the energy.

Our musical guest is Glenn Roth.

We’ve just published Monday Morning edition #195, featuring articles on the equinox by Amanda Painter and me; and a new weekly horoscope. This is about to be mailed to Planet Waves subscribers. Please sign up or revive your membership!

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PPS — The Readings Channel also runs 24/7, with 50 hours of my readings from 2018, all still relevant today.

Astrology Studio for Libra: Short Pre-sale!

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