Pam Popper Interview


Pam Popper at the World Medical Desk.

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For those of you who like a good, strong cup of coffee, I have an interview with Pam Popper. Founder and president of Wellness Forum Health, Pam is a naturopathic doctor who has gone into medical journalism and a kind of citizen action data collection. You may be familiar with her YouTube videos, which focus the issue of civil liberties. This is the topic that few people want to talk about; being the good citizens that we are, we do what is necessary for the whole. But just one thing: without our rights and our freedoms, we have nothing; we cannot take care of ourselves, our families, our health, our communities or our businesses.

Here is the report on the nurse from Palm Beach who died of kidney disease, and had been propped up as a symbol of Covid-19 afflicting the supposedly young and the healthy.

Here is the Department of Homeland Security document on psychogenic illness mimicking a chemical or biological attack — based merely on the fear of terrorism.

And here’s the New York Times article from 2007 on the phony pertussis outbreak at Dartmouth, caused by the polymerase chain reaction test. That’s the perfect name for the assay isn’t it? The chain reaction? It’s a fake test. It proves nothing. But it’s being used to justify this kind of thing.

Here’s a link to our coverage of the same incident, researched by Spencer Stevens.

These people are involved in a Covid vaccine and have been charged with manslaughter in France.

Here’s a new article by me called The Branching of the Road.

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