Revenge of the Bats: Lab Release Conspiracy Theory Sprouts Wings

Maybe that lab release theory was not so batty after all. Or maybe it’s another scam.

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Friday on the season finale of Planet Waves FM I continue my coverage of a new phenomenon: what was last year a crazy crackpot loony fringe conspiracy theory is today accepted as credible and worth investigating. I refer to the lab-release concept of viral origins. This raises a question: what is the next thing for which you were called nuts in 2020 that you will be called a reasonable person for in 2021?

The Planet Waves team has looked into the lab release concept many times. One of our most credible guests, Dr. Peter Breggin, endorsed this theory in an extensive interview on Planet Waves FM from last October. But it does not hold up to scrutiny, for reasons I will develop in the new program. Despite this little issue, the discussion reveals how much can change how fast, and we will track it closely.

We will of course be discussing the release of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails.

Gemini Solar Eclipse and Tantra Studio

I’ll also take a good look at the Gemini solar eclipse taking place next week, and offer a Tantra Studio on why I think we need to let go of property-based models of relationships before we can have any real sexual healing — or for that matter, any true equality between the sexes.

Note, I plan to take off Friday, June 11 from a regular program, though I will have two features for your entertainment and information: a new conversation with Isaac George, and another new conversation with Andrew McLuhan. I plan to return with a new, regular-format show just before the solstice, on June 18.

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