My Best Covid Writing

Eric Francis and RE-20 broadcast microphone.

Dear Friend and Listener:

This page contains a convenient listing of my best writing about the alleged pandemic, virus and test. This is not some side-project; I’ve been covering industrial toxins, and corporate crime, and their effects on people, since I was 19-years-old, had black hair and weighed 125 pounds. I started at Love Canal in 1983, and I’ve been covering Monsanto and its cousins since December 1991.

During the second year most of my coverage has been on Planet Waves FM. For most of the first year, I also documented events in writing, and that work is on this page. Classic radio editions (particularly expert interviews) are at the last entry on the bottom.

Many of the articles will take you to the Planet Waves website.

If you want to support my journalism and the station, please offer what you can, and please spread the word.

Master Chronology

Important Late 2020 Events

How Safe is Too Safe?

The Private Idaho Virus

The Coronavirus Novel

Pandemic 101

Why You Need to Know How To Take Care of Yourself

It’s Time for a Covid Reality Check

The Year in Review Printable PDF
What Our Investigative Team Learned Covering Covid for 300 Days

First Year Guests on Planet Waves FM

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