Mars retrograde. Interview with relationship astrologer Ani Black on the Zone of Projection approach to astrology. Covid and the massive distortion of the true numbers. Tantra studio on working with projection.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

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In tonight’s edition, I lead off with a discussion of Mars stationing retrograde, and Mercury in Libra.

Later in the program, I’ll be discussing the news that went around last week that only 6% of reported covid deaths in the U.S. were “covid only,” something that has been true at least going back till May (when according to the CDC it was 7%).

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This fact has several important implications that I have not seen discussed anywhere in the mainstream or alternative media. I’ll also be looking at The New York Times admitting that the PCR test is known to pick up many other things bedsides an active infection. Even PCR’s own instructions say it cannot be used for diagnosis.

Here is the 2007 New York Times piece on the PCR test, and here is last week’s article about the same problem related to coronavirus. Incredibly, the Times treats this as a new issue it has never heard of. Imagine if they had said, at the beginning, that the test they are using is going to blow up the “case” rate by tenfold? We have done this piece several times, though Jon Rappoport deserves a community service medal for his work on the topic.

My guest is Ani Black, a Canada-based astrologer I’ve known for many years. She will be discussing her theory of the “zone of projection” — that is, how to read (and take ownership of) the relationship angles in the natal chart. We use my natal chart as the “example chart,” since I can speak to my own experiences. You can reach her at

In Tantra Studio, I am planning to pick up where the Ani Black interview leaves off: the role of projection in relationships, especially sexual ones.

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