Mars Direct Through Aquarius

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight’s Planet Waves FM begins with a discussion of Mars direct in Aquarius. Mars is now moving direct through the degrees where it was retrograde. This is not about a repeat but a re-framing of recent past events. You will be seeing the events of the summer from a new angle, having learned what you’ve learned.

Mr. Mackey, guidance counselor for South Park Elementary, and Miss Chokesondick, a teacher, discuss lesson plans for the sex education program. They make a cameo in tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM.

In the second segment, I challenge the notion that John McCain was a war hero and question where there was anything heroic at all about the Vietnam War. Our obsession with lionizing McCain seems to be more about a coverup of the global tragedy that was Vietnam than it was about recognizing any actual accomplishments.

Tantra Studio is in two parts this week. I begin with talking about how, for us to make any progress on the issue of “consent,” we need to be easily conversant about sex, and its meaning. I look at how sex education can be considered controversial because talking about sex is a form of sex.

In the continuation, I consider a listener’s question about how we can know about what our partner is experiencing. I take a wide view of this, including the physical and psychic elements, and talk about erotic empathy, which is also called compersion.

Planet Waves FM is part of the Pacifica Radio Network, published by the nonprofit arm of Planet Waves, Chiron Return, Inc. Your contributions, small and large, help make this noncommercial program possible. You’re about to listen to an evening’s worth of unusual, intelligent discussion of sensitive issues — without commercial interruption.

I love that about this program. In three hours of television programming, you would be subjected to 45 minutes of insufferable, insulting ads. We leave that part out, and have our relationship directly with you.

If you value Planet Waves FM, please support our mission with a tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you kindly.

With love,

PS — I reference several resources, including my spoof on Antioch College rules of consent; an article on abstinence-only indoctrination; a page interpreting the song The Bewlay Brothers; and the video clip from South Park.

PPS — We did an interesting, beautiful Vision Quest recording session Saturday called The Story of the Mirror. The link takes you to an unpolished recording.

Planet Waves

Your Autumn Reading by Eric Francis

Empathy-Pathos: A Study in Venus Retrograde

Dear Friend and Reader:

This letter is to introduce the Planet Waves Autumn Reading, called Empathy-Pathos. This will be a study in Venus retrograde. We are offering all 12 signs currently for just $57.

This will go up soon to $67, and eventually $77. Early purchasers get the best price. I am planning to deliver the reading around the equinox, well ahead of Venus stationing retrograde.

Eric Francis.

Project Description

Mars retrograde is about to end, and Venus retrograde is about to begin. Spanning from Oct. 5 through Nov. 15, the retrograde will be in Scorpio (where Venus is supposedly not so happy) into Libra (where she is supposedly thrilled). To me, this describes many shades of empathy (the ability to resonate with another) and pathos (suffering, or passion, which come from the same root).

In this reading, I will review Mars retrograde and the recent eclipses, and open up the territory of Venus and its unusual way of resonating and emoting. We’ll explore approaches to the masculine and feminine attributes of Venus, as well as the introspective and expressive aspects of Venus through the retrograde process.

The retrograde begins with Venus square Mars, describing the prevailing tension and struggle with inhibition that characterize our time in history. From there, the journey is inward, to the source of whatever feelings you may be experiencing.

These will be audio readings, featuring music by Vision Quest. With apologies to those who were planning on video, I’m feeling a little over-exposed at the moment and will be better able to deliver this reading in spoken word format, without the distraction of visuals. I will, however, add an introductory video that illustrates both Venus and Mars retrograde, so you have that to work with.

The readings apply to Sun and rising sign, and will be 30 to 40 minutes each.

You may preorder here.

If you would like to order by phone, call us at (845) 481-5616.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,


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