Mars Conjunct Chiron. Roe v. Wade. The Raging Debate Over the Existence of Viruses.

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Astrology and Supreme Court Coverage Tonight

Picking up on last night’s coverage of forthcoming Mars conjunct Chiron I will go over the legalities and social implications of the U.S. Supreme Court knocking down Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood. In early May, a draft of the decision by Assoc. Justice Samuel Alito was released to the public — a first-time incident in SCOTUS history — so we have an idea what is coming.

I’ll also have new coverage of an issue we have been covering since May 2020 — the medical truth and anti-lockdown movement is split over the existence of viruses. (Read my early coverage here.)

Those watching only mainstream news, or tuning into certain elements of the truth movement (such as RFK Jr. or Del Bigtree) would have no idea this is happening, but it is. And it has engaged the public imagination like few issues.

Christine Massey is Back

I’ll be joined by statistician Christine Massey of the Toronto area, who has led the way by coordinating a worldwide effort to ask governments if they have a sample of the virus, or a paper saying who does. None do — not a one. No institution in the world can provide evidence of a sample. I have gone up and down every street on this issue.

If you’re thinking “there must be something wrong here,” you’re correct, but it’s probably not what you think. It’s why experts have to say things like, “A virus is a process, not a thing.”

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