Letter from Larry Allen – re Tantra Studio

Hi Eric,

There is a subset of people in our society, or perhaps all societies; who have a tendency to constantly use the terms ‘all’ and ‘always’ in a derogatory sense. You mention such divisive and ego-centric types in the recent Tantra Studio. Other ‘trigger’ words for this type of personality are ‘Patriarchy’ or ‘Mansplaining’. Ask such types what ‘Matriarchy’ means or ask them for an example of ‘Femsplaining’ and you will find yourself trapped in a very volatile and strange conversation!

This seems to be the ultimate, and currently fashionable, form of binary thinking. Which would be fine but there is ONLY ever discussion of one half of the binary and why is everything being framed in a binary mindset anyway? Are we ‘catching’ this mindset from the computers? I do agree with you that this syndrome is the basis of much of the world’s current misery in life, at a time in human history when life actually has more benefit than at any other time, nevermind the dilemma-ism that the MSM constantly pushes onto us.

The middle aged heterosexual Caucasian man IS fundamentally the builder and the maintainer of our society, but he is hated and socially invisible at this time in history. Apparently, those who built this world for us, have no place in it, are not human, have no needs of their own and are to be ridiculed at every possibility. There is a lot of searching for ‘The one good man’ but there are no actual stories about good men. Really? This is the brave new world of equity and inclusion?

I’m now backing away from a writer’s group that I have been involved with for about six months, because it has developed into an arena of the common complaint. Almost all of the writers are doing a version of ‘The Story of My Mother’ and trigger terms like ‘Patriarchy’ and ‘Mansplaining’ abound in the general group conversation as well as the usual reversed identitarian type issues when a person of colour turns up with their version of ‘All Men are Bad’ monotrope. Everything is some version of the same damn monotrope!

Meanwhile, material that is presented in a male ‘voice’ or which places a female character in a victim scenario, or which contains actual ‘gay’ sex or a story of a bad Mother… basically anything that is ‘off script’; draws requests for trigger warnings and other tut-tut forms of censorship. In a writer’s group. Consisting of creative types. Huh?

How do we get past this cultural self-hate? What is this? The social process seems to have been going on for quite a while and it has left us busier than ever in our lives but we are becoming culturally bankrupt because of its effects and everyone is becoming a cranky old woman. Huh?

Here’s one small clue. There seems to be a recognition that the current management systems of the world, which are data driven and impelled by KPI (Key Performance Indicators), are starting to fail due to Covid19 and its effects on the social and business arena. Pushback is starting to happen after decades of erosion of the humanity and the rights of the common worker.

There is of course, another set of KPIs coming from the psychological arena – the constant calls for ‘self improvement’ and the bracket creep of symptomology whereby every possible emotion and desire is now subject to the need for treatment. Anxiety, for example, is now a psychological disorder requiring treatment, rather than an emotional state or something astrological that is happening. That’s cracking under the strain from Covid19 demand as well.

Which isn’t a bad thing in the long run. Western society is just chock full of ‘educated professionals’ who think they are special and require certain positions in life to justify their specialness. They’ve had a good run these types, since WW2 for sure and they have a place but let us not forget that it’s also all about the selling of goods and services. But they are expensive people to maintain in every way and if the common people are starting to turn away from them and their KPI whip, whip syndrome, then so much the better I should think.

Anyway, many thanks for yet ANOTHER fantastic Planetwaves.FM and especially for the Tantra Studio. It’s very inspiring and such a relief from the constant monoculture of our times. These days I am going straight to the stand-alone versions of the webcasts, just due to excitement and for the inspiration.

I’m writing a piece at the moment that entails a backwoods born Hermaphrodite who discovers a sacred circle in a forest and then enters into service with a deeply mystical BDSM Mistress… then she takes a Qatari man for a slave consort… then she saves the world through computerised astrology and buried monoliths… Hahaha! Its very Tantric.