Jupiter in Cancer, Mercury Retrograde, Edward Snowden — and Introducing Grandchildren

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What’s not happening right now? Not much! This is a classic moment of everything, all at once — the spirit of 2012 — the imprint of the Aries Point, Jupiter changing signs, Mercury stationing retrograde, the Sun about to pass through the Uranus-Pluto square, Jupiter about to do so as well, and much else.

The band Grandchildren.
The band Grandchildren.

The Supreme Court is issuing decisions on the most personal matters of our lives, the US government is going nuts trying to get its hands onto Edward Snowden, Texas is trying to ban abortions and lots else.

I look at the current astrology, walk you through current events in an engaging way and follow the journey and chart of Edward Snowden as they both develop. Snowden’s chart is below. So is the chart for the announcement by Hong Kong that they let him board a flight to Moscow.

Here’s my current post on The Mountain Astrologer‘s blog, about Edward Snowden’s chart with a lively conversation brewing among people you don’t know from Planet Waves.

I also introduce the amazing Philadelphia-based band Grandchildren. The New Philadelphia magazine once described them as “full of amazing vigor, but also kind of detached in a way that’s hard to put your finger on. They don’t really seem to play their music as much as transmit it from some distant alien host, like a band possessed.”

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Edward Snowden's natal chart.
Edward Snowden’s natal chart.
Click to enlarge...
Click to enlarge…
Click for the full size natal and progressed chart of Edward Snowden.
Click for the full size natal and progressed chart of Edward Snowden.

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