Disability advocate Julie Maury speaking at Tom Payne Park in New York City

Julie Maury speaks at the Health Freedom Now! rally in Foley Square, Manhattan on Monday, Sept. 27, 2021. I consider her one of the voices of the U.S. Pluto return, as she is describing fundamental structural problems. You may listen to her presentation on the player below.

The Collapse and Rebirth of the American Idea: Remember the United States Pluto Return

Dear Friend and Reader:

Why is a New Yorker with cerebral palsy my nomination for the face of the United States Pluto return? And what is that transit? Meet Julie Maury. In my view, she is the Paul Revere of the New American Revolution. Her “midnight ride” was aboard an electric wheel chair Monday in Foley Square Park.

Until recently, we all agreed that society needed to make accommodations for people with disabilities. We all agreed that there should be ramps and wheelchair-friendly bathrooms and doors. That’s because someone with cerebral palsy is a person too. We didn’t used to think so, as a society; it was just too darned bad if you couldn’t walk up one step and get into the store, or fit your wheel chair in the bathroom stall.

Society slowly changed. Now we all understand why we must protect the rights of those whose bodies are not up to the task of the old-style urban environment. Maybe only 1 in 100 bus riders needed wheelchair access: I don’t know anyone who would say they should not have it.

In her presentation, Julie says that everyone she knows, with or without cerebral palsy, has had an adverse reaction to the injection. But they still have to take it in order to enter a restaurant and many other public accommodations in New York City: in order to eat. No exceptions are being granted. Doctors are having their licenses threatened for advocating on behalf  of their patients.

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