Invocation of Spring Sex and Love Report by Eric Francis — the Astrology of Relationship Dynamics


You can listen to the Introduction to the Invocation of Spring reading below:

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are under some very unusual astrology this spring — which is propelling many people to question who they are, and which has many relationships in crisis.

To address this theme, I’ve recorded the Invocation of Spring reading. This consists of 12 audio readings of 35 minutes each, plus an introduction that covers some of the common themes that all the signs share. Already, our thrilled listeners are calling these readings “miraculous,” “a vision of a greater whole,” and “a masterpiece of transformational energies.”

These are detailed reports, spoken in plain English, and designed as keys (in the words of A Course in Miracles) to help you remove any obstacles to your awareness of love’s presence.

These readings apply to your Sun sign and your rising sign, plus those of your significant others or love interests. They are thorough readings that each take into account all 12 houses of the zodiac, sign rulerships and all of the planets.

I was speaking with one of my earliest astrology teachers the other day, who suggested that the method I am using is similar to what Linda Goodman was doing in her brilliantly detailed books that seemed to be Sun-sign based but were really so much more.

The readings are offered as a group — all 12 for $24.95. This is an astonishing depth and quality of astrology for an affordable price. You may listen to one sign or all of them as often as you want. The readings are getting excellent reviews, and we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the work I’ve done and what it offers.

You may order your copy of the Invocation of Spring reading at this link, and receive instant access.

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