Introduction to Mars Retrograde


Setup for the first Vision Quest House Concert in 2015. Photo by Eric Francis.

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Here is the new program on Mars retrograde, with resources added. Show description forthcoming. Music this week is by Vision Quest. Here is our Soundcloud. Musical note — the section of Fishbone played tonight is actually me on guitar and Grape and the Grain drummer Steve Markota on keyboard. Billy Riker is not on that part of the session. I’ll play some of that next week.

400 Adverse Reactions Listed on Vaccine Inserts
Out of Control: Celia Farber on AIDS
Dioxin Critic Sued by Eric Francis
Ephemeris 1.0 by Jon Donne (set for Damocles; make your own!)
Cell Line Contamination and Dr. Chris Korch
The Coronavirus Novel – articles by Eric Francis
Tantra Studio Classics — programs March through May

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