Holistic Sexuality :: Eric Francis at the Queer Astrology Conference

My Mac desktop just before the presentation began, including the blank wheel I used as my notes. The chart at the top left is a figure for San Francisco when the talk was scheduled to begin; the Galactic Center is rising. Venus, the Moon and the Sun are about to chagne signs. Click the image to see the full frame.
My Mac desktop just before the presentation began. The chart to the top right is for the scheduled time of the class in San Francisco. The Galactic Core is rising. Click for larger image.

Sunday, July 21 I gave a presentation on Holistic Sexuality at the first Queer Astrology Conference — working remotely from my desk in Kingston, New York. The talk is about 1 hour and 40 minutes. If you like this kind of programming, you can encourage and facilitate our work by becoming a member of Planet Waves FM.

The ever-useful blank wheel.
The ever-useful blank wheel.

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