Even More Getting Real: Fritz Perls and Lilith

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In this week’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I interview Chani Nicholas, a San Francisco based astrologer and scholar. However, before we go there, I give a tribute to Fritz Perls, co-founder of Gestalt therapy whose 120th birthday was July 8.

Photo by Zoe West.

Here is Tracy Delaney’s explanation of the astronomy behind the Black Moon Lilith, which are points associated with the somewhat erratic and unstable orbit of the Moon.

Our musical guest is Sloan Wainwright. I play two of her older songs — you can listen to her new CD on her homepage.

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One reader commented on the Cancer birthday reading:

“Just listened to my Cancer horoscope – best money I’ve ever spent… As always, I’m knocked for six by your extraordinary gift, your love and care – and this time there was an added sense of joy because we’re moving into a different era and leaving the hardships of these years behind, but taking with us the determination and resources that have been built up over this time. I LOVE your take on Mercury retrograde and the shamanic type journey – makes so much sense and helps me open up to a pretty emotionally testing time right now. You describe so perfectly what I’ve been through and show me the wonderful things that are on their way, and already a sea change has taken place in my life, though it’s still not easy.”

Listen to the free preview here.

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  1. I finally was able to finish the podcast. It took me forever but it was well worth it. Loved your guest. I recently watched 2 videos that relate to some things you spoke of at the end about men. The Mask You Live In is a film about how boys are raised to be macho and the harm it does to them. It is being made by a local woman here who was raising her son and recognized the huge challenge in raising him in a society that required boys to cut off from their real selves. She has a Kickstarter account to raise money for production costs. Then other is a video of Shakespeare plays being used in San Quentin as a tool for healing. I’ve seen one from another prison but this one goes even deeper. I’ll put them on your fb wall.

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