Get Ready for Stormy Daniels

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The magnificent Stormy Daniels, incarnation of Salacia, Eris and Kali Ma. Her 39th birthday was Saturday, and she’s about to offer the performance of a lifetime.

This is going to be an exciting week. Did I say that last week? I must have. But this week will be even more exciting, and I look at the charts on tonight’s episode of Planet Waves FM.

We first consider yesterday’s New Moon, and today’s Sun-Chiron conjunction. I discuss the astonishing equinox chart, and Mercury stationing retrograde. We’re about to experience the combined effects of the Sun, Mars, Salacia and the centaur Pholus. This will be a turning point.

I cover last week’s national student walkout, as well as this coming Saturday’s March for Our Lives protest. If you want to help with coverage of that event, please email us as soon as you can. It will help if you have a basic digital recorder — though an iPhone will do.

We also visit history with a description of the Free Speech Movement from Berkeley in 1964.

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Readers Say This Is Our Best Annual Reading Yet

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“Incredible! As a Capricorn who has been demolished by Pluto and searching for myself for a long time, I cried so many times reading this. I feel like I have found a long-lost piece of myself through your writings, today especially through The Art of Becoming. I feel hopeful and even inspired. Bravo Eric, you are brilliant, wise, and encouraging as always. Many thanks to you and the entire Planet Waves team for bringing this to life!”
— Amy Welchez, on the Art of Becoming reading for Capricorn

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Thank you for these readings, filled with life-enhancing, creative ideas. Helps me to continue to ask the right questions. To be open, curious and engaged. A refreshing orientation. And as I purchase the full twelve signs, I learn lots of astrology too. Appreciate you being so transparent with your technique/method.”
— R.T., on the Art of Becoming annual readings

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Or call from within the U.S. at (845) 481-5616, or from outside the U.S. at (206) 567-4455. If you leave voicemail, please be sure to leave your number in the message, and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

We look forward to hearing your response to these beautiful readings.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

P.S. Here’s what others are saying about The Art of Becoming:

“I love your readings! I just finished listening to the first reading. You include the history of what is leading up to the now, and its influence operating in the now, and how my actions now can affect my future! Your readings have a depth and character to them that creates a deeper context and meaning that actually helps this old lady see that I am indeed self-manifesting and self-actualizing and moving forward, feeding my inner kid! I am doing something bigger and better and bolder than in the past and harnessing energy to create a more real me. Thank you!”
— Bobbie Kithcart, on the Art of Becoming reading for Leo

“Eric, as a Pisces I really appreciate all your readings, as they have truly helped me push past the insecurities and become a truly wonderful person with greater strength to become ME. Thanks so much!”
— Susan Andrews, on the Art of Becoming annual reading for Pisces

Each year I purchase the annual readings and each time I find myself understanding the depth of it precisely when I need it (or right in the midst of the unfolding) so that I can navigate the energies and alignments in a way that feels right, makes sense and moves me forward. My journey with Chiron has led me to combine my affinity for teaching with healing and connection to Spirit that runs in my family but was never actualized…until I decided to work with it. Your readings have largely contributed to helping me ground this gift. Thank you for the work you do; it is so needed in this world!”
— Winter Clark, on the Art of Becoming annual reading for Gemini

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