For Feminist Men, Damaged by Feminism

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Tonight, for solstice eve, I have a special edition of Planet Waves FM for you, featuring a topic intended for men and the women who love them.

Sometimes it seems like the most sensitive men, who respect and appreciate women the most, have been the most damaged by feminism. That’s the topic I focus on in an interview with Kasia Urbaniak, former 17-year dominatrix, nearly-ordained Daoist nun, and current headmistress of The Academy, a training school for women located in New York City.

Kasia Urbaniak, headmistress of The Academy.

Men who came of age in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s have been strongly influenced by feminist social and political movements, which has often presented them with a double bind: be less of who you are, supposedly to make women more of who they are.

This is a false paradigm. It does not help anyone, and it’s hurt many. And it’s had more than a few grotesque contemporary manifestations. Many sensitive teenage boys, for example, are afraid to approach their female peers, lest they be considered a predator — and this poison spreads in many forms, into many age groups.

In an extended conversation, Kasia and I work through the territory and come up with some ideas for how to move things forward, and conclude with some alternatives for how women can respond to social circumstances in a healthier way.

Please share this edition with the men in your life.

Tonight is the eve of the Northern Solstice. I read the chart for the Sun’s ingress into Cancer, which takes place at 12:24 am EDT (04:24:04 UTC) on Wednesday. I read the solstice chart, comment on the forthcoming season of our lives, and take a scan of current events.

My musical guest is Alan Parsons, the engineer behind The Beatles and Pink Floyd, who emerged as a first-rate artist in his own right.

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Alan Parsons, magus of music, in his natural habitat.

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